Meet Heidi

Donor. Volunteer. Food assistance recipient. Heidi has been all three. 


She has known hungry times and times when she’s had more than enough. As a kid Heidi was part of a close-knit, hardworking family that occasionally relied on food assistance to fill their empty fridge. Heidi promised herself then that she would always do what she could for families—like hers—who needed help finding their next meal. Making good on that promise, Heidi and her husband, Nathan, volunteer and make a monthly donation to Second Harvest Heartland. 

“Having gratitude and giving back are important values that Nathan and I share,” she said. “We toured your new facility in Brooklyn Park and we were so impressed. It’s exciting to see where our money is going and how it’s helping feed more people in need. Hearing about Food Rescue and everything you’re doing just makes us want to do more.”

In 2019, Second Harvest Heartland hopes to recruit 200 new monthly donors—bringing us to 2,900 total—to join our community and fuel our mission. 


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